Each swisspetLiving cat tree is made by hand. The top priority for our natural cat trees is the build quality! swisspetLiving means quality of life not only for your cat.

A cat tree from swisspetLiving is a part of your furniture and should be integrated harmoniously and provide a lot of joy to you and your cat.

The selected wood is undergone a drying process in a "special drying chamber" for 2-3 months and then is sorted and processed by hand in accordance with the quality and thickness of the tree.

You want to offer your cat a personal cat tree which created by you? Nothing easier than that. Let your imagination runs and design your own natural cat tree! swisspetLiving grants you this possibility!

In addition to all single parts we have an existing stock of spare parts for columns and faux fur.

Trees No. 6, 7 & 8 are the models of fully assembled series and the Pet Couture line, in which each tree is a "unique", can only be delivered in one piece.

Check with your pet shop about the terms of delivery. We hope you and your pussy have joy in our quality products.

Your swisspetLiving Team